Jhinge Posto (Jhinga Posto)

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Jhinge po

Yum! Yet another one of my childhood favorites. This vegetarian dish from bengal has the perfect crunch and is a flavorful medley of ridge gourd and potatoes. Simple to make yet so delicious! Great with either rice or rotis.

1) Jhinge or Ridge Gourd (3 nos. tender and big ones). Just make sure they are not bitter when raw (should be tasteless to slightly sweet aftertaste).
2) 2 medium sized potatoes cut into thin slices (like thin french fries.
3) 0.5 big sized onion
4) 2 tbsp of poppy seeds
5) Salt to taste
6) Oil
7) 2-3 green chilies (you can adjust the heat)

1) Soak the poppy seeds in little water (they should be fully soaked), with a pinch of salt and one green chili for 15 minutes minimum.
2) Blend and turn into a smooth paste.
3) Wash the Jhinge and use a peeler to peel its skin in an alternating fashion. The goal is to have green parts alternate the white.
4) Cut the Jhinga lengthwise down the middle into two pieces.
5) Cut each piece lengthwise again to yield 4 long pieces.
6) Now chop them into bite sized pieces.
7) Microwave the potatoes to make them semi-soft.
8) Add some oil in a pan.
9) Saute onions with a pinch of salt and until translucent.
10) Add the slit green chilies.
11) The Jhinge may release some water. Continue stirring until the moisture content is slightly reduced.
12) Add the softened potatoes.
13) After stirring for a bit, add the posto paste.
14) Continue stirring and make the final salt adjustment.
15) Serve with steamed white rice or rotis.


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