Kheerer Malpua (Sweet Indian Pancake)

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Short stack of homemade hheer malpua or sweet Indian pancakes

homemade Kheer malpua or sweet Indian pancake

A few days ago, I was having sweet cravings. I then decided to make one of my favorite childhood deserts – the “Kheerer Malpua” or Sweet Indian Pancake. The thought of refreshing fennel and sugar activated my taste buds instantly. These pancakes are made of milk solids and the syrupy goodness is served hot/warm. This is a relatively simple recipe even though it has 3 parts.

Part 1: Making Kheer in a microwave (much easier than making it the traditional way)

1) Khoya: 0.5 cup Non fat dry milk (or full fat powder)
2) Heavy whipped cream 0.5 cup

1) Mix the two ingredients well in a microwave safe bowl.
2) Microwave for 2 mins in bursts and stir intermittently otherwise the khoya and cream mixture will rise and spill over.
3) Add more heavy cream, if needed
4) Microwave carefully for another minute.
5) Give the mixture one last stir
6) The resultant mixture will be crumbly and will have the desired consistency.

Part 2: Sugar Syrup

1) Water 2 cups
2) Cane Sugar 0.5 cup
3) Elaichi/cardamom pods 3-4

1) Heat water in a vessel that will hold the desired diameter of pancakes and can be lifted out easily without breakage.
2) Add the cardamom pods.
3) Once the water comes to a boil, add the sugar.
4) Continue stirring until a syrup like consistency is obtained. The proportion of sugar and water in this recipe will yield a “not too sweet” syrup.
5) Turn the heat off but let the vessel sit on the stove.

Part 3: The Malpua mix/batter

1) Kheer (0.5 cup from Part I)
2) Fennel seeds (as little or as much you like)
3) Sooji 1 cup
4) All Purpose Flour 1 cup
5) Shredded coconut
6) 1/4 cup sugar
7) Dried or fresh/frozen shredded coconut
8) A pinch of salt
9) Milk (2 cups max) start with lesser quantity
10) Cooking Oil

1) Mix the dry ingredients together
2) Add the milk in small increments until you get the desired pancake batter consistency.
3) For frying the pancakes, now heat a flat pan.
4) Add sufficient oil.
5) Place a ladle full of batter
6) Once the edges appear done and small bubbles appear on the surface, flip the half-done pancake
7) Let it cook through. It should only take a couple of mins
8) Transfer the malpua/pancake immediately to the hot/warm sugar syrup. This will enable the sugar syrup to permeate the pancake better.
9) Drain the excess syrup and transfer the malpua to a separate plate for serving.
10) Repeat
11) Serve hot/warm.


Kheerer Malpua

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