Kefir anyone?

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I have a two-fold issue with dairy: I am lactose intolerant and generally do not like the smell or taste of dairy. Thus, I cannot do lactaid milk either. One can have all the healthy foods possible but we can all agree that milk is an extremely nourishing beverage that non dairy alternatives cannot fully replenish. There is only so much almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk or soy milk that can be consumed everyday. I find it hard to resist yogurt and ice-creams but sooner or later it unsettles my stomach. I recently chanced upon a lactose free, organic beverage called “Kefir”. I absolutely love this product. It is made from real milk but has the lactase enzyme. What makes milk “kefir” is its fermentation using white clusters of at least 10 live probiotics. I am given to understand that it is traditionally a two-step fermentation process. The result is a “pourable” yogurt-like consistency kefir that is slightly tart to taste. Supposedly kefir has been in existence since ancient times and is known to promote digestion. I am not a nutritionist and have tried it for about a week now – it seems to work for me and settles my stomach well. On the plus side it feels good to have real milk (minus carrageenan of course). I add it to my cereal and makes for a good breakfast.

Update: A week after this post, I had to discontinue kefir as my stomach felt unsettled again. It could be that there was too much friendly gut bacteria or something else. But this is just me. I do not endorse this product nor do I have anything against it. This was merely an account of my experience. I tried Kefir, it worked initially but had to discontinue. Still on the lookout for a healthy milk product breakfast alternative 🙂


This pic has got nothing to do with kefir.

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