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My Favorite Kitchen Herbs and Roots

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Fresh coriander, garlic, ginger, turmeric, mint and curry leaves, and green Chillies – writing about my favorite kitchen herbs and root has been on my mind for a while now. I also tried my hand at “food photography” :). The above picture was one of my earlier shots with the… Read more »

Moral values to achieve good scientific conduct

Our attributes and moral values shape who we are and what we become. While there are no unique moral values that are associated with conduct in scientific research, there are certainly value systems that are inherently required to a greater degree in order to achieve success in this field. Listed… Read more »

Kefir anyone?

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I have a two-fold issue with dairy: I am lactose intolerant and generally do not like the smell or taste of dairy. Thus, I cannot do lactaid milk either. One can have all the healthy foods possible but we can all agree that milk is an extremely nourishing beverage that… Read more »

Masaharu Morimoto

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Awe, wonder, disbelief, “food god” are some of the words I associate Masaharu Morimoto with. He is a Japanese cuisine genius. He is known to make art out of food. Whenever I watch a rerun of the “iron chef”, I am amazed at how creative a person can be –… Read more »

In my “organic” opinion……

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Of late I have had an awakening for all things organic – more so with beauty products. I love organic and natural beauty products. While they can be very expensive, you can start small with the number and size of products. Trial sizes are a good option forĀ a patch test… Read more »